Each site is built to be responsive and to look great on all devices whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


Every client is different and so is every website. We analyze each client’s need to create a unique design.


All sites are search engine optimized and backlinked, which increases the site’s search result ranking.



Creating a customer base is imperative to a business, which makes email capture important. Each site connects to Mailchimp email lists.


We strengthen your social media presence by aligning updates and posts for all accounts and creating feeds to sites.


Driving traffic is just as important as design, and every site is hooked up to Google Analytics to understand user engagement.



About Us

At Zepzia we create powerful and professional websites. Our goal is to not only create a beautiful website but to create an effective tool for you or your business. Zepzia has been creating websites for over 14 years and has followed the many changing trends of design over the years.  Each site is fully customized and created with a hands on approach to make sure each client is excited about their new website.

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