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Style Outfitters is a Marketplace to Buy and Sell Vintage Clothing, New Clothing, Accessories and Home Items for Women and Men. This is considered an Etsy style site that allows sellers to create an online shop and begin selling products. For each transaction Style Outfitters receives a 4% seller transaction fee. The purpose of this site is to get as many active sellers as possible while maintaining a creative control and engaging buyers to make purchases.

ECommerce is this sites primary function. However it is much more complicated than just allowing one backend user to sell products. This site allows anybody to become a seller and sell products where the site takes 4% of each transaction. Buyers may browse all sellers and checkout with multiple products from different sellers at one time while the site will take a transaction fee from each product and disburse the remaining amount to each individual seller. Facebook Integration allows a seller or buyer to create an account by signing in through facebook or simply creating an account through the sites registration.  Each seller has an individual vendor account allowing them to customize their seller page with an image header, links to social accounts and a contact form for buyers to ask questions to sellers directly. Seller dashboards also features seller earnings, sales, listed products, and much more.

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